Rivers Monroe

Mat Rivers and Mike Monroe join me before there band Rivers Monroe joins this year’s Warped tour July 4th in Florida. The band will be releasing its second album July 1st titled ” Smart Girls”. This is the bands second  album to date featuring the newest single “Satellite” that you can hear on this interview.

Mat and Mike talk about the recording of this album and the overall growth of the band. The anticipation of this album release in the music community has not changed the guys approach to song writing.

Rivers Monroe offers big hooks in their songs. It’s easier said than done, but when a band continues to write great songs that have engaging lyrics and guitar riff panache that cracks it's not by accident. Rivers Monroe is Intelligent and enjoyable music.

Rivers Monroe explains the new album title “Smart Girls”. It’s pretty simple really, smart girls are sexy. I like smart girls, they like smart girls and well, you can’t argue with that logic at all. I married a smart girl and it has worked out great so far 6 years later.

Mat and Mike also share info on their astronaut outfits they will be sporting during there Warped tour dates. We also get into some 4th of July fireworks fun. Well, fun but not so much for grandmothers attending family functions. When fireworks go haywire. I’m a fan of any “fireworks gone wrong” story if all parties have no crazy burns and all appendages are attached. You'll have to listen to the interview to get the full story.

Rivers Monroe will also be playing NASCAR events this summer after their Warped tour run. Shake & Bake!

You can find more info about Rivers Monroe and how to get their new album at these links below.


Rivers Monroe Interview

Rivers Monroe Interview