Hunter Valentine

Hunter Valentine


Laura from the band Hunter Valentine joins me on Revelator #157 to discuss the bands final tour and future plans for her both musically and exploring her passion for cooking.

I also got Laura to inadvertently add to the Revelator show Sound bit collection with “If my mouth is open and it has to go it”

Hunter Valentine has a unique history. The band has seen a few lineup changes over the year but the sexy, hard rocking sound has always been a part of what and who they are. The band was also features on several reality TV shows. Laura speaks in detail about how that shaped the band.

Laura also talks about the bitter sweetness of this being the bands final tour and having special guest and former members join them on select dates. The band is also having a great tour and enjoying one another’s company and taking in the experience.

Laura shares some great stories from past tours including opening up for Cyndi Lauper in Toronto and while on this current tour spending some time off in Miami enjoying the local site and sounds.

On this episode you’ll hear the bands single “Black Out Nights”

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