Richard Patrick the lead vocalist and founder of Filter would join me for an extended interview on Revelator #165.

Richard and I talked about touring after being in the industry for so long. Richard talks about the impact of playing live and using a recall method while performing. The ups and downs and the emotional ride he takes himself on while playing live and experiencing it with the audience in a vanguard way while providing realism live.

Richard also talks about the newest album Crazy Eyes and producing it himself. This allowed him to really grab the album.

Crazy Eyes Album Review

The Make America Hate again tour will make you hate so much that you’ll be tired of hating. Filter will be playing the biggest notes, the loudest notes you’ve ever heard. See I could write speeches for Donald Dump the cabbage patch kid if He wanted to hire me.  Revelator Ryan

Richard   describes Filter as a full contact band. He stated in the interview that no one is raging anymore against the things that are going on in this country. Richard talks about Kayne West, Justin Beiber, the movies, Donald Trump, Pregnant teens on MTV, the news media, and the lack of real truth-ism in movies today.

Richard also will also be working on a movie score for the film True Crimes featuring Jim Carrey. The film is a dark, crime drama that Richard is excited to be a part of and something that he’s always wanted to do. Look for some great music from Richard sometime in the next year.

Richard Patrick has a unique past in the music industry that started in the Cleveland Ohio area with his band ‘The Act”.

Richard talks about his meeting with Trent Reznor and how he ended up touring with Nine Inch Nails. Trent was doing laundry and invited Richard to come along with him to listen to some of the first NIN songs. The first songs he heard were “Head Like A Hole” and “Down In It”. After 4 years of playing and touring with NIN Richard was looking to start Filter and how he pitched the band and song to record labels at that time.

Filter and review including early photo work I did over 2 years ago.

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Filter Live in Nashville at The Exit In

Filter Live in Nashville at The Exit In