Gemini Syndrome Concert Photos

These photos were taken on August 1st. 2014 in Chattanooga, Tennessee at Track 29.

Here is a recent interview I did with Gemini Syndrome

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I recently attended the Gemini Syndrome and Sevendust show at Track 29 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I want to start off by saying the Staff at Track 29 was outstanding! The Track 29 venue has been around for some time and has been home to many great shows in the area. Before it was a local concert venue, it was a roller skating rink. This Friday night show was an All Skate!

When I pulled up to the venue, I saw a sign that read, “Worship Area Ahead” and I found this fitting. Then away I drove to my parking spot!  As I was waiting to obtain my photo pass to the show, I saw Aaron, from Gemini Syndrome, walking outside the venue. I introduced myself and he welcomed me to the show and thanked me for showing the band so much support! Once people realized who he was, he mingled, took photos and came back to shake my hand and said he’d see me after the show.

Once they took the stage it was clear that Gemini Syndrome was going to leave its mark on their current fans and soon-to-be new fans, alike! They won the crowd over with a hard, tight, aggressive set list, featuring Basement and the current single, Morning Star. Both songs can he heard on Revelator #70, which also includes a full interview with Aaron. At one point during the interview I asked Aaron about new music and writing on the road. Well, as luck would have it, those in attendance were treated to an instrumental piece of brand new music. I could only wonder what lyrics Aaron was working on for, what seemed like, another solid piece of music to look forward to from Gemini Syndrome.

Aaron engaged with the crowd and showed his appreciation as well. He stated, “Love was the first word of existence and we love you; each and every one of you”. From Aaron’s melodic tone and deep growls during Pleasure & Pain, Gemini Syndrome is going to be a big draw for years to come. The Album “Lux” is only the beginning!

Gemini Syndrome Concert Photos II

Gemini Syndrome Concert Photos II